Knights do swear often - Héctor Ranea

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To Alejandra Jamieson Barreiro

“You´ve got to be kidding!” said the Very Big Sister Caramel to the Blue Knight Thirds. “There´s no such thing as you told us, c´mon! You, lousy rat, are trying to make a fool out of me with this bullshit. I wish I were the Queen of Hearts and could chop your head off!” “Milady, I swear on my horse´s back that what I´ve told you is true! Absolutely and completely true”, said the blamed Knight. “I´m sorry if I didn´t convinced you, but the world out there is as I told you. This is nothing but the truth, believe me, please.”
“You are a fool! How come Knights now swear on their horses and not on their mothers´ hands? You´re a fake Knight, I can tell you that!” said the Very Big Sister Caramel turning her mouth and pointing with her Royal Toe to the Gentlemen at the back of the Princess Seat at her left. A very loud scream filled the Audience Hall immediately after her Royal Imprecation.
“See what I mean?” asked the Knight, utterly frightened, with all his armored body holding back, squeezing the chest as a dental tube, quaking just like a chicken facing a fox.
“I wonder how you got your knighthood?” the Floating Head of the Lord and Master of the Auditory asked: “You seem like a feather shaken by a storm to me. As the wind blows, the twig twists. Or something like that” he (or his head, if truth be told) finished his saying, confused and gasping.
“Have you heard that awful growl?” asked the Knight, terrorized, pointing his only left finger upwards. “This is The End, as I´ve warn you, but you wouldn´t listen! This is one of the... things the horrible world I´ve described to you is bringing upon us”.
Meanwhile, the unholy screams made the whole building tremble repeatedly, but the very last one put all the people on alert, evidently stiffed with terror. “See, Milady? What I´ve told you is true, indeed! There is another world, and is very different from ours!”
Now the Very Big Sister shook and wept. “And what are they supposed to do with us? Tell me or I´ll kill you with my own hands! I´d rather do that than wait for this strange persona to kill all of us!”
“I wish I knew, Milady! I wish I knew, indeed. My knowledge of that wicked world comes down from glances and glimpses of here and of there.
I swear I did not see their world but only foresee it as in a crystal ball. Forgive me if I have no answers, please!” Those were the Knight´s lasts words, a giant beak grabbed him and thus he disappeared from the Very Big Sister Caramel´s side. In a split second, the only thing that remained in the air was the screaming of the Knight and his swearing. Then, these words were thunders in the ears of the Gentlemen and Milady the Very Big Sister, who were now sweating like a blue giraffe in summer: “Is this short fellow good enough for you, Mom?” said the Big Bug Samsa. “Oh, c´mon, this is not enough, you bet! For heaven´s sake! Not enough for me, not for anybody! Please!” Mom Bug said.
The Bib Bug Samsa looked for more food and there they were! A multitude of little people were in the bushes that reminded Samsa Bug of himself a few weeks ago, before the Metamorphosis. They were more than his beak could ever take, so he said: “Mom, I´ve just spotted your dinner! Please call Father Bug to eat also” and begun picking King´s Gentlemen and King´s horses (actually, Princess´s belongings to be fair).
These were the very consequences of Metamorphosis, and of course, Bugs´ appetite.

Héctor Ranea

"Knights do swear often" está publicado en Heliconia Flash Fictions and Short Stories 

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