The Prince of Transylvania - Luciano Doti

Texto en español en Letras de Horror: "El príncipe de Transilvania".

Traducido al inglés

A medieval legend tells us that a young Turkish man once found a lamp as he walked the country, and after rubbing it, a genius appeared and said him:
«Tell me what you wish for»
«I wish for a magic carpet to fly where I want, and that my blood were immortal»
The genie gave him the two things, and in one of his travels, the Turkish man went to the limit of Otoman Empire, in Transylvania. There he was attacked by a prince who regularly impaled the invaders and drank their blood. The Turkish man died, because, despite the fact that in his veins circulated the immortal blood, his body could not endure being crossed and wounded by a wood lance. The prince got the immortality and continued with his habit of drinking blood, but instead the Turkish man, he was cautious to never be crossed by some wooden object.

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