The terrifying angel - Daniel Frini

Texto en español en Breves no tan breves: "El ángel terrible I"

Traducido al inglés por Pablo Martínez Burkett

(one of three)

The man loved the writings of Yasunari Kawabata.
Led by his "Snow Country", he traveled to Japan during a freezing January with the aim of visiting the mountains where in dark basements plenty of humidity and suffocating heat, young virgins dip cocoons in boiling water, bend the Chijimi silk and interlace fine fabrics which are left to dry on the pure snow, a whole day and night, until they become perfect white, impregnated by Yuki no seishin, the spirit of the snow. Then, this spirit is passed on to those who wear such dresses in Tokyo hot summers.
On the arrival to the mountains, the man got off the train and drifted by the inns looking for his Komako geisha. He eventually found her: Aiko was her name. He attempted the same pure love, as delightful and untouchably perfect as in Kawabata's characters, but the first time Aiko has undressed for him, he dismissed any ceremony and surrendered to the rampant fragility and delicacy, veiled under the guise of modesty imposed to the young one by social stereotypes. The first time he just laid with Aiko, he burned in her flame and she wrapped him with her legs while gently caressing his mouth.
"Take my tears with you," she said. And it was the last time she spoke.
The man stayed by her side forever. Never again were no words between them. And his love crystallized into something much more beautiful than the very Chijimi silk. 

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