G - Miguel Angel Dorelo -Giselle Aronson - Saurio

Texto en español en Quñimicamente impuro: "G".

Traducido al inglés por Alexandra Jamieson Barreiro.

In the beginning you seemed unreachable. You were standing as in a pedestal, an authentic Greek goddess. I used to look at you from below and always saw you: hieratic, undaunted, and brilliant.
One day I dared to come close to you stretching my hands out, willing to touch you. I saw you coming towards me, trembling, as if you were getting out of balance. And all I thought I knew about you fell apart in that brief instant.
"Head trauma" the doctor said. "You were lucky that bronze statuette didn’t kill you".

Publicado en Heliconia Flash Fiction and Short Stories

Miguel Angel Dorelo

Giselle Aronson


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