A peaceful morning - Jorgelina Etze

Texto en español en Breves no tan breves: "Una mañana de paz".

Traducido al inglés.

The day was sunny and fresh. It was perfect for taking a walk while enjoying the autumn. He felt calm, there wasn’t much to do. Just walking around without going anywhere on that April´s morning. Suddenly he saw her, walking towards him: absent-minded, relaxed, alone. Just when she walked by, a gist moved the brown and yellow leaves. The wind hid them from the trees carpeting the path and the sidewalks. To his eyes, it was as if she was a magical being, as if with her mere presence, nature surrendered at her feet. Under the sun light, he saw her shining. He followed her. One block, two. Would he dare to speak to her? He wasn´t sure. Finally, he hurried up. She heard his steps, but he had already taken her from the back. Putting the dagger on her throat was natural. Forcing her to give him her purse had no sense: she did it anyway Perhaps killing her was stupid, but he didn´t want to listen to her screams. A crime would have been to ruin the peace of that morning.

Jorgelina Etze

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