Silence - Ada Inés Lerner

Texto en español en Cuentos y poemas (video): "El silencio"

Traducido al inglés.

“He treasured very pure words

So as to create new silences”

Green Paradise – A Pizarnik

It is only left for us to float happily, like a bubble adrift, Maria thinks. And she decides to write a story. The best one. The farewell one. An old fisherman who tries to reach God. Who is nearer the Lord but a fisherman, all by himself at sea?

In the silence of dawn, he can leave behind the vain perfume of flowers and penetrate “the clean morning smell of the ocean”. There, in that virginal landscape he will feel attracted by the rumour of the waves till he forgets about himself. As in a luxurious love that would spare ungotseen favours.

And here Maria stops to imagine the terrible and pervert sins which a fisherman dreams about. Maria prefers not to detailing; just suggesting. She lets herself slip on the words and in the silence that follows, almost free of her will. Maria does not even know what she wants nor she could explain where she goes. She is a woman, an undecipherable and unknown being for anyone else, but another woman or an analyst. This does not interfere in her couple relationship, it rather seems it releases the husband, a big –eyed fish without imagination, from having to make great efforts to think, he limits himself to love her now and then, for,” who can understand a woman?”.

And Maria keeps writing, she only rests when age betrays her. No one should be lonely in old age, she thinks, though it is unavoidable. Her hand drops the pen and rests on the table, her head leaned on her left arm. It could be guessed sleep has overcome her. It is not so: in the story, the sun has slowly come off the sea turning it brilliant. Maria feels in her eyes the unbearable brilliance and she has to close them, and then, yes, the end of the story reaches her, the same as it reaches me.

Ada Inés Lerner

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