The death - Nicolás Ferraiolo

Terxto en español en Un pacto constante: "La muerte".

Traducción al inglés de Camila Sastre

Still remember when I, naive and curiouser than fearful, asked the question to oracle Clepsidra. It answered about my death: 'long and painful', closed its eyes and dropped a tear.

Since that day I tried modifying my habits in order to erradicate just one in the cause-chain for which I would die that way: I dully fed as well as possible, replaced my healthy business by the self-caring leiseure (maybe a foot cut, a hit on the head..), terrified knowing that doing it might be as well a necesary cause for the long painful ending. Ending which I blindly believed as future.
Nevertheless, I would have been drown under the sea, skinned by wild hounds, would have dead tortured or lost my extremities tied to horses, but not this way. Not this way! Now that I finished my last will, knowing about my beautiful quiet death (I'll fall asleep), I find out that the painful ending started with the disgraceful sentence, finally so well conducted by my will to longly and painfully die, until death.

Nicolás Ferraiolo

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