A mother of new men… - Violeta Balián

Texto en español en "Madre de nuevos hombres".
 Traducido al inglés por Translation: N. Beredjiklian

 “Oh, Vishnaks! Glorious, winged race. Hear the summons of the Immortals and their demand for sacrifice!  Time is running out. The fate of the hominids is cast; they will succumb to the waters, the ice and the millenary sleep that will eliminate all traces of life from the face of the Earth.  Do heed the gods!  Join the earthlings and engender hybrids with them to bring forth a new race of men that will survive thousands of years and be reborn during the meltdown.  Only then will Earth become your natural dominion,” exhorted the Seer.
I listened attentively. I had never given thought to the cycles ordered by the gods. This time, however, and fully aware I´d perish in the intent, I got excited with the notion of becoming a “mother of new men.”  And I trusted Lesq, the warrior assigned to accompany me.  It was he who requested the scientists to hand me the singular product of their experiments, a chimera with a dog’s head, soft eyes, long porcine snout and tarantula-like extremities designed to disperse the genetic codes encapsulated in its organism.  Overcome by love and compassion, and not minding their instructions nor my family already giving me a heroine’s farewell, I held it between my wings. Together, we traveled countless distances before entering a new air, translucent and naked. We rested on a beach under the scorching sun.  I folded my wings and stayed there the whole of three days, curled up, face down on the sand, the chimera cooing by my side.  On the fourth day, Lesq showed up bringing instructions from the Seer.  We were to take different paths.  His task was to impregnate as many female hominids as possible; mine, to comply with the orders received back home.  ‘Only then you’ll be able to gestate hybrids,’ he admonished.  In anguish, I flew over the dryness and solitude of the valleys until I landed on a mountain top from where I made out green fields, villages, towns and smoke, vestiges of ancient hominid empires.  I hesitated but following an impulse, extended my claws, grabbed the chimera, started an uneasy ascent and dropped her on a field.  Without pause, I continued my way to the cities, their towers and peoples, aroused by the essence of my mission: to produce a new race of men and then, perish.

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