Invitation - Juan Romagnoli


Publicado en español en Cuentos que muerden: "Invitación"

Traducido al inglés por Natalia Bitar

Pedro goes back home with a work partner, whom he has invited to meet his young wife.
“It’s here”, he announces. “Come in...”
“Excuse me”, says the well mannered partner and both walk into the living room.
Immediately after Pedro stays still. His partner notices his gesture of surprise.
“What’s the matter?”, he asks.
“You won’t believe me”, says Pedro. “But this is not my home”.
“What?”, confused says his partner.
Through a door, an old man appears. Before he says anything, Pedro goes on ahead “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, excuse me sir. It’s just a mistake. I never meant to get into this house.”
He grabs his partner by the arm and they get out.
Once outside, Pedro keeps on apologizing. Finally, he says: “Don’t worry, it usually happens to me, but I already know the way.
He picks the door handle and knocks on the door firmly several times until a click is heard.
“Now’s ok”, he asures. “Let’s get in…”
So while he’s closing the door he says:
“This is my wife...”
Juan Romagnoli

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