Essential - Olga Appiani de Linares

Texto en español en Palabras. Olga Appiani de Linares: "Necesario".

Traducido al inglés.

Another time! My Lord, always the same! How long this suffering?
Very beautiful this thing of magic, very creative, yes, everything that you want... But has its flats also, believe me! Especially when I have fell into the hands of a narcissistic obsessive like the one that I know…
Tell me, please… Why I can't belong to another witch, magician or sorcerer with broader interests? I have the answers for everything, but I'm obliged to answer one question, just one question, yes, I swear you, always the same, seven days a week!...
No, there is no rest, no holidays, we are still in the feudalism, it lacks a long time for social achievements...
Really, is not only that I have to hear always the same thing.. It's also to answer it similarly for years… My patience run out long time ago!
Yes, yes, I'm coming, I'm not deaf, I'm coming...!
"Tell me, Mirror, I'm still
the most pretty woman here?"
How Do I told you? Now I have to answer. But I don't want, because I already know what comes after... I can't avoid the truth anymore! Because there is no room for doubt, everything is more clear than water. And I'm doomed to tell the truth even if I don't like the consequences... Here I came…
"Until yesterday, madam
you're been the pretty one
but today (you know, it's life!)
your step daughter is even more…
For as beautiful you are,
She is much younger! Sorry I'm…
More white hairs upon your head,
little wrinkles on your face,
All your beauty goes away... "

Oh, Lord! Do you see? I already knew that she was going to have a nervous breakdown!
Poor chick, I'm really worried about her! Anyhow, I'm not the one to blame, please, don't kill the messenger.
After all, you see, without me… how could this story to be continued?

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Excellent!Congratulations, Olga!