Neither - Giselle Aronson

Texto en español en Cultura Back: "Tampoco".

Traducido al inglés por Judith Aronson.

Do not remember where she read that seven is a lucky number. For who, she wondered. Julia Balcarce does not get along with the number seven. Such a quantity has been the leading roles that different colleagues would still from her. Seven grievances accumulated feeding his self-pity excuses for a failed actress. 
 She finishes mending the rag doll who built throughout the week, not her image, but as a crude emulation of the seven thieves in question. In each one chose a trait that she traded to her cloth stuffed creature. And yet, the doll looks increasingly like Julia.
With the pretext of a feigned predictable invitation to hunt to Baradero, she asked a friend of his dead father to lend her his gun. The old man, touched by the love of women inherited, handed her the gun while retelling stories heard a hundred times on hunting expeditions that friends were doing, once. 
 She does the last stitch with care to avoid injury from the needle. "No blood run, she thinks, and finished with a knot. Load everything in the car and drive to the railway land. At that time the policemen in the area are having lunch, no one will notice the noise. 
Seize the trunk of a tree and lays the wrist. Remember the instructions that his grandfather gave her to load the shotgun. Prepares cartridges, enter one in the pipe, mounts the hammer, sees through the sights and fires. Seven times. 
Then she approaches the frayed doll , can not leave her there. Back to get her, along with the shotgun in the car. 
 Even offstage she accomplished playing a real killer. 
Once again, back home, she does not hear the applause.

Giselle Aronson

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