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The group of all the universes and/or posible related dimensions (parallel universes), is called Multiverse. It’s been suggested that, when travelling to the past, we don’t travell to our past, but to a copy of it, containing a tourist. Therefore, we would have to simoultaneous space-times: one where there is a tourist, and another where there isn’t one.

Oh we will all burn together when we burn.

There'll be no need to stand and wait your turn.

When it's time for the fallout

And Saint Peter calls us all out,

We'll just drop our agendas and adjourn.

Tom Lehrer, “We Will All Go Together When We Go”

In which universe is reality today?
Zabala-Cismondi conjecture

One – White House, Washington

The following Monday since his visit to Dallas, in proselitist campaing towards the next elections in which he was looking for his re-election, John Fitzerald Kennedy, 35th and last president of the United States of America, recieved Robert Mc Namara, Secretary of Defense, in his office of the White House’s Oval Room. He showed him the Wrangler Island photographs, in the Chuckchi Sea; north Siberia, near the Polar Circle, and only six hundreed kilometers from Alaska, taken by a U2 Dragon Lady spy aeroplane.There, you could clearly observe the Russian intercontinental R-16 misile launch facilities. Although the strongest version; which is included in Thomas’ report, indicates these photographs were a US service montage, which responded to the oil capitalists who were interested in taking advanatge of the Russian resources. This was the trigger of the Second Misile Crisis; and consequently, the Third World War.
It’s not clear what happened since that moment. Kennedy always held, until the day he was ajusticed, in 1969, after the Trial of the Five; it was not him who gave the order to open fire. The truth is that in January, 10th, 1964, a Polaris misile, with a W47 nuclear charge, hit Aleksandrovskiy Sad, in the outskirts of Moscow, and obliterated everything within the Sadovoye Kol’tso ring, sorrounding the city. The following day, as retaliate, The USSR sent a strategic Tupolev TU-95 bomber which dropped a 50 megatons Tsar bomb, which exploted at 1500 meters from the ground over Cliffside Park, in the New Jersey State. Immediatly, every population from Stony Point to Keansburg desapeared; and from Dover to Brentwood; included all New York City.
In the Little Cedar Military Laboratories, located at Sterling Forest, at about 40 kilometers from Ground Zero, there were about 15 Black Fox misiles, in operative conditions, charging H bombs; which were reached by te nuclear fallout from the Soviet bomb. The effect of this second explosion affected the area contained in between Canada and south Mexico.
It is supposed that Kennedy took shelter in the anti-atomic facilities in Sheridan, Wyoming, where he was arrested in 1967.
The remaining generals, residing on the west coast ordered tha massive attack. This way, between offensives and counter-offensives, one by one, the main cities belonging to boths sides of the Iron Courtain dissapeared. The lack of central controll and the communications’ destruction left the Lords of War free, to face each other over personal conflicts –despite one or two, all of them nuclear- which submerged the entire civilization into a fierce and bloody feudal age; the most terrible one of all human history.
In 1964 we were about three billon inhabitnants in the whole world. Five years later there were only four millon left.

Two – Huemul Island, Río Negro

In 1948, Ronald Ritcher, German physicist borned on the Czech’s southeast region, and ho had worked for the nazis, convinced the Argentine president, Juan Domingo Perón, to face the proyect of obtaining illimited energy from nuclear fusion.
A year later, it was announced by the Pink House (Buenos Aires), thaht “on the 16th of February, 1951, termonuclrear reactions took place under technical scale control, at the Atomic Energy Pilot Facility, in San Carlos de Bariloche”.
The end of this story is well known: an auditory comision unmasked Ritcher’s fraud, in 1952; a few months later, the Huemul Project was concluded.
What remains unknown is that, actually, the island’s facilities were reaconditioned since 1952 to serve as headtquarters to the Second Huemul Project, completly away from Ritcher’s megalomaniac dreams, and orientated to the study of the quantum phenomenons. A few months later, the first particle accelerator was installed, a primitive Cockcroft-Walton generator which was officially called Linac One, but erveryone knew as Liny. With it, the first experiments wich lead to the Lovera effect and, therefore, to the Zabala-Cismondi conjecture, were held.
When the Project’s direction board foun out about Little Cedar’s dissaster, they saw what was about to fall over them, and changed the direction of the investigations. It was decided that the island was a safe place to allow themselves to think of some kind of Salvation Arch. Confined in this thought, they took the appropriate meassures to gather the brightest scientists from all around the world who had survived the war’s debacle.
Soon, it was clear to all of them that life over the surface of the Earth as it was knoun, didn’t have much time left. Geiger’s meassures showed that radioactive clouds, far from dissipating, were actually growing. Besides, they detected huge ammounts of torio 230, wich had over 8000 years’ half life. Some way to eliminate this contamination was needed, or else, a way of finding the means to wait for the 800 centuries so that it would fade away naturally.
With enough lucidity, it was decided that they would orientate all their limited resources to finding a safe environment were they could work to find solutions. It was shown that not even underground nor submarine facilities would be safe, so spacewas almost the immediate option.
Suyai space station –hope in the Mapuche languaje, Mapudungun- was ready and functional in 1972, on lunar orbit. According to the evacuation plan, 400 humans, 200 males and 200 females were sent, as well as all the technology and information possible, with as much genetic material as they could gather.
Since then, that is the place where the Humanity lives. It’s been a long time since someone has lived on the Earth.

Three – Suyai, 100K lunar orbit.

Three hundreed years later, conditions were only getting worst. All of us who ever inhabited Suyai, suffered of alimentary disorders caused by the insufficient diet from the limited hidroponic farming, and the limited tolerance to the usage of synthetic food. We all became sterile, due to the exposure to the gamma radiation from the cosmic rays. Because of this, our reproduction was solely based on clonation, with extrauterine fetal development. Our muscles began to atrophyate, and we weren’t even able to concider ourselves as complete humans beings: kids who were borned there had to hav their legs amputated due to the short amount of living space available –why would you need legs in cero gravity?-; wich, ironicly, ended up as a sort of baptism rith, because these little legs were used as food for the station’s population. Psychological problems were extremely varied and very difficult to solve, our life expectancy was of only 3w years, and decreasing with time. Mortality rate due to murders was rising to 22%. And we couldn’t afford the luxury of punishing the criminals: generally, they were excellent scientists, and very necessary.
We became space neanderthals.
The evacuation plan began to fail 150 year ago. In short words, it was too optimistic regarding our behaviour as recidual civilization, as the used terminology said. Our mision was suppoused to consist on generating conditions so that we could get back to the Earth and try to rebuild the Humanity. We were looking for a way of doing this, trying to get over the legacy of the dirty bombs. Nevertheless, we obtained no practical results. On the other side, the most optimistic calculations said that, in the Station, we were all going to dissapear before the next century. One way or another, we were doomed.
Despite this, a few of us were in favour of a completly different approach and unconnected to the Plan, that had reached a near-religion status by then. We thought that, even if we died, we could save the Humanity. We remembered the initial studies of Project Huemul Two, and the Lovera effect. Our position was opposed to the one the majority held, and we became rebels. That is how the Fourth World War began, in space, near the Moon.
Finally, we won. But there were only fourteen of us.

Four – Conjecture

In the investigations that took place so that we could try to get back, we tripped with a series of equations wich gave valid answers to the sceneries foreseen by the Zabala-Cismondi Conjecture.
In 1961, it was observed that, on the experiments carried out by Liny, unde certain circumstances of energy and polarity of the resonan cavities, the particle’s beams seemed to be duplicated. Quickly, Dr. Santiago Lovera sensed that he was before a temporal out-phase; that is to say, the coexistance on the present time, of the past and the future in the same particle; effect known with his name. The phenomenon was totally unstable and unpredictible; and, apparently, harmless; because, even though the presence of both beams was detected, the result of the colitions in the operativity of the accelerator implyed only the injerence of one of them. On the other side, Gabriel Zabala and Carlos Cismondi both theorized that, in fact, a time alteration was not taking place, but the coexistance of two universes; after that phase instant, as it was called, each beam left its mark on their respective materiality. Of course, this implyed the existance of two Linys, two Projects, two Earths. Then, why not thinking of infinite Linys, Infinite Projects, Infinite Earths? Zabala and Cismondi proposed the coexistance, in every moment –and they made a clear distinction between the concept of time and moment- of infinites similar universes, which they called Multiverse. They said we were travelling by Liny, without noticing, between two tangential universes: one in which there was only one particle beam and other one in which that beam was seen, and another onewich was the same, as a visitor. And they proposed that the perceptible experience, wich they called reality, was expressed only in one of them. They didn’d go much further, nor got to figure out the way in wich the passage between universes was possible.
The 1963 war ended up this line of investigation.
Desperate, we wanted do take it up again in Suyai. The ore fundamentalistics thought that doing this was a blasfem to the Plan. The accused us of holding a primitive thought wich they saw as paganism. The so called Fourth World War was, in escence, a religious war; and our triumph let us continue our work in the Conjecture’s terms. We abandoned the Station’s purpose, and got rid of every saved material wich was not useful to us, and as a consequence, all of the civilization’s history; we devoted ourselves to work on the Multiverse.
We could demonstrate mathematically the existance of infinite parallel universes, and how to travell from one to the other, and we were able to situate tangible reality in only one of them at the time, choosing them according to our convenience. The Reissner-Nordstrom Black Hole solution, continued trhough a traveller evitable singularity, described two asintotic plain universes joined by a black hole zone, wich we had to generate.
It took us over twelve years to develope, project and produce the necessary machinery to obtain the singularity. By that time, there were only five of us left.
We chose a possible scenery for each one of us (throughout the equations it was possible for us to choose tiema and space) to try to revert the dissaster; and march to one of them. The chances of getting a positive result were astronomically against us, but every other option led towards extintion.
I had to travel to the United States of America, in 1963, to kill John Fitzgerald Kennedy.
I eneterd into the machine and I was covered, immediatly, by a whirl of lights whic destroyed me into millons of little explotions. All my body acquired an immeasurable ammoun of mass and became a black hole, wich inverted on this side; in a terribly painful operation, which I still don’t know how I managed to handle.

Five – Dallas, Texas

I arrived to Texas, in this universe, in October, 1959. I had to perform the part of a los, mentally unstable man, who was hospitalized in the DeBakey Medical Center, in Houston; when they confused me with a war veteran. The following three years, I used them to adapt myself to life on Earth, over wich i’ve never been before. I recovered my atrophyed muscles and, not without great difficulties, learnt to breathe this air and handle with gravity.
As I understand, my four partners must have failed, because reality was where i was.
Almost a year before Kennedy’s tour, I started with the preparations. I already knew the events that were about to take place, so it was not difficult for me to develope a strategy to make the attempt on his life. On the elections that led him to the presidence, Kennedy had won for a very littlo margin on the south states; and on them, the polls were not very encouraging for the elections that were about to take place in 1964; that is why the people in charge of the campaign planned, for him, a visit to Texas in 1963.
I knew Kennedy would visit Houston, San Antonio, Fort Worth and Dallas. I was in the four cities, and decided to kill him in San Antonio. The plan failed when the person in charge of providing me with the gun was arrested by the services. So, there was only one chance left for me. AS an alternative plan, I had chosen Dallas.
All the rest is history in this universe; the one you know and can find in every book, despite the conspirative theories.
At 11.40, September 22, the Air Force Once and the presidential comitee landed on Lovefield Dalla’s airport. Immediatly, the ’61 Lincoln Continental convertible limousine departed to the town’s center. In it, the president, his wife Jackie, the Texas Governor and his wife, with a secret service agent ant the driver were found.
At 12.30, the convoy got to Dealy Square, and turned to the right through Houston, then lefttowards Elm Street. I was located over Grassy Knoll, at the right of the convoy, behind a wooden palisade. You can see me on Mary Moorman’s famous photograph. My contact, a little gun dealer from Duncanville, also a veteran, had provided me with an Italian six and a half rifle, modified with a telescopic sight; with it, I was able to shoot 3 certain shots in less than 9 seconds. Even though I was behind him, Abraham Zapruder’s film records the moment. But he couln’d film me because of that.
Against every forecast, I succeeded. At 13.48, the doctors confirmed Kennedy’s death officially.
According to the plan, it didn’t matter if i got caught; because, anyway, my mision was succesful and the Humanity was safe. I had foreseen to take a cyanide capsule; and even if I couln’t do it, it wasn’t relevant; because my history would be implausible to anyone who heard it. But nobody looked after me.
Despite everything, over the next hours confusion, and without it being my main goal, I managed to remain unseen; maby supported by my crippled condition, because I was missing both of my legs. No one ever thought of revising my wheelchair, where I hid the gun.

Daniel Fini

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