Hell - Antonio Jesús Cruz

Texto en español en Químicamente impuro: "Infierno".

Traducido al inglés.

I feel nauseated and my body floats into emptiness. A disgusting smell hurts my pituitary. I open my eyes and the light hurts my pipils. I try to recover the rhythm of my breath still agitated. There are muted murmurs. Where am I? I feel vulnerable and at the mercy of anything. Am I in hell? I hear footsteps. I focus my pipils. I discover a pungent face and a sardonic smile. The individual, dressed in green, shakes a glass before my eyes. At that precise instant it becomes clear to me. The surgeon has just kept my appendix.

Guillamo Fracasitodo
(Treated about Medicine and surgery - 1943)

Antonio Jesús Cruz

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