XXXI - Marcelo di Marco

Tarucido al inglés por Cecilia Polisena
The unprotected coast goes further and further.
They are no more, they are fading:
strange animals of veiled stone, stormy
hostile effigies where the current
still seethes, dying in the marsh.
Straight, bony promontories, reefs
like bones worn away bu the fog,
ominous clavicles of arrows,
eggs and teeth and rocky
skulls, destroyed, abandoned
in winding profusion
on the shores.
Meanwhile, plenty of the splendours of the oceans,
plenty of the inner lamp of the abysses,
I travel by sea inside your gaze,
I travel by sea with you,
and in your gaze I sing.
It is kike swimming, deprived,
in all the clearness
of all the green waters of the world.
Thus, the clumsy coast
goes further and further from the horizon.
And we go together, hand in hand,
in celebratory farewell, towards the shelter
of the perpetual light. Of the light with no night.

Pertenece al libro inédito Carmina Marina.
Marcelo di Marco

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