Aurora borealis - Gabriela Baade

Texto en español en Químicamente impuro: "Aurora boreal"

Traducido al inglés por Héctor Ranea

My head is full of lights that undulate, wiggle. I searched at a Library what may those fireflies walks be due and I came up with a bunch of explanations.
The Inuit people believe the aurora borealis is a meander and very dangerous lane connecting with the sky. It is possible to climb it, but also is a down ladder for other spirits.
In Finland it is believed that those are the foxes tails running through Laponia, whipping in the ice igniting sparks.
Mine, instead, seems to be a problem in the eye, ruined up connections in the nerve going to the brain. Scintillating Scotoma, that what they have told me.
Meanwhile I lost myself within my internal lightning and run with foxes and I hail spirits ascending and descending. A lot more fun than cheap short circuits.

Publicado en inglés en Heliconia Flash Fiction and Short Stories
Gabriela Baade

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