Lover - Juan Romagnoli

Texto en español en La nave de los locos: "Amante"

Traducido al inglés por Natalia Bitar

With the excuse to go to the teller, I ran out at night - alone and in light clothes – to meet him. It’s that I miss him, I desire him. He’s so intelligent, soft and helpful and his position so solid. He’s so reserved and gentle. We recognize each other by a password and so he welcomes me.

The furtive act leads us on eagerness. As I need to go back soon to serve dinner, we don’t take too long and there’s almost no time for farewells. While I straighten my dress and put my things away in my handbag, he reminds me not to leave my card in. As soon as I go out, he shuts the door discreetly.

Juan Romagnoli

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