And Just Like That… - Carmen Ruggero

Texto en español en Poemia: "Así nomás..."
Texto en español en Bewildering Stories: "Así nomás..."

Traducido al inglés.

… dead leaves that succumb to the wind’s
deliberate and forceful thrust and vanish,
without even pretending to mind,
just like that…
one by one, the surf will drag
grains of sand into the ocean’s depth;
like easy prey they’ll follow and with them,
drag the footprints of those misguided souls
lost and void of imagination and purpose.
Those who look, but do not see,
who touch, but cannot feel,
who hear, but do not listen.
Those who breathe-in emptiness
and exhale hollow words,
and who pretending to be poets,
sing satirical verses, void of rhyme and form.
And just like that… one day they vanish;
easy… like dry leaves thrust about by the wind.

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