Variations on Kafka's "The Metamorphosis" - Daniel Frini

Variations on Kafka's "The Metamorphosis", No. 3

In Prague, in a certain street, on a certain corner, Gregory Samsa breathes. He’d had the fortune to travel and discover the world, and he could no longer bear the clean city of his birth. And he missed, with a lump in his throat, the open bins of Buenos Aires.

Variations on Kafka's "Metamorphosis", No. 5

“Gregory Samsa!” screamed his wife.
He gulped. She was angry. She hadn’t called him ‘Greg’ or ‘Gregory’, nor ‘Roachy’ like his friends called him at the bar, or the intimate and affectionate ‘my little bug’ that so often started those sticky nights of passion.

Variations on Kafka's "Metamorphosis", No. 6

“What’s happened to me?” thought Gregory as he woke up from a nightmare. He found himself in his bed, changed into a monstrous pink being, thin-haired, with four extremities that end in digits and smooth, repugnant skin, so different to the hard shell that all the insects of Prague wore.

Variations on Kafka's "Metamorphosis", No. 7

“Dear Mr. Kafka,” the letter started, “I understand the need to express your despair at a society that does not accept those that are different. And I thank you for the enduring fame conferred upon me by your story, 'The Metamorphosis'. But would it would be too much to ask you to include a lady insect? I’m feeling so alone…”

Variations on Kafka's "Metamorphosis", No. 8

“Look, Mr. Kafka,” said the editor, “the world is just not ready for a story like this, so dark, so – how should I put it? – repugnant. Why not, I think this would better, have Samsa change, when he’s angry, into a gigantic, muscular superhero, perhaps green? It would be a hit, believe me!”

Daniel Frini

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