The End of the Wait - Martín Gardella

I had waited years for her. I knew that, sooner or later, she would yield to the temptation to come and fetch me.
Finally, she appeared on a rainy day, standing at my door. She had a sad look, but her skin was still white and beautiful, just like in my dreams. I felt her cold arms around my body and found her very thin, perhaps too much for a stocky man like me.
My old heart shook intensely but then its beats slowly soothed. I let myself be carried away by her caresses and I started to forget about the rain, the elapsed years and her awful skinniness.
At that moment, as my eyes shed their last tears, she lifted her scythe in the air.

Martín Gardella

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Unknown dijo...

No conocía este texto, lo he disfrutado Martín.

megafloyd66 dijo...

Realmente preciso y estimulante. Ha sido un placer leerlo.